About us

PT. KALUKU ASIA is a first generation entrepreneur, having an experience of more than 20 years in hospitality and travel sectors. Kaluku Asia is a professionally managed company supported by well trained and professional team and the most updated technology.

PT. KALUKU ASIA, a registered company incorporated under the law of Indonesia, with its legal paper number as follows :


Company Name                                              : PT. KALUKU ASIA

Ministry of Justice and Human Rights           : AHU-41590.AH.01.01 Year 2013

Notaris                                                            : Masyhuda Nur’ahsan

Travel agent license to Trade Number            : 501.B1/289/BPMP2T-LB/X/2013

National Tax Number Certificate                   : 31.702.473.5-915.000

SIUP Number                                                 : 503.B3/2002/PK/BPMP2T-LB/X/2013

TDP Number                                                   :

Company Operating since                               : 2013

B2B Platform  website                                    : www.kaluku-asia.com

B2B Platform Operating Since                       : February 2015


www.kaluku-asia.com offers a true online B2B hotels and packages booking solution exclusively for travel agents , corporate and other organization. We dedicate our service to all our business partner and we are continuously striving to provide a complete product combine with an excellent service to all our business partner.


We believe access and speed are the keys to travel business now a day and technology has to be involved to make sure better solution for all our business partner.

Backed by an experienced travel industry team and the latest online system, www.kaluku-asia.com provides our agency members with a better, faster and more accurate way for booking hotel accommodations.


OUR VISION : We are an innovative organization which will ensure guest satisfaction all the time by offering an informative, user-friendly website with the best rates guaranteed.


-       We strive to provide an excellent consumer services through finding alternatives to find out quality solutions with our client's expectation and well being as our first priority.


-       Providing a platform that accessible to a lot of travel agencies in Indonesia / overseas to build their business by having bookable travel products ( Hotel and Packages) with an effective and efficient service by having real time and instant confirmation from our platform.



We conduct our daily activities and interactions in a society and ourselves, our clients and our partners by exhibiting the following values

• Ethical • Quality • Innovation • Respect • Timeliness 


  • Web base interface for easy access to our portal anywhere and time 24/7


  • Free signed up for travel agent to be our sub agent ( buyers)